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My Interest in Health & Fitness started back in the high school weight room, from there I joined my first Gym. That was it, I was hooked! From there I also competed in the Northland Powerlifting Champs placing 2nd in Northland.

I have been working out ever since, also accompanying my participation of many years in the Martial Arts community.

I have a huge passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, & have assisted people in training in the gym, I am also a qualified Massage Therapist.

Becoming involved with Frost Fitness Warkworth was a natural progression in my Health & Fitness journey, I am very passionate about helping all walks of life to discover their own journey & achieve their own Health & Fitness goals, Frost Fitness is such an awesome community Gym with some fantastic local personalities. We both look forward to furthering our journey within the industry & become further qualified accordingly to help everyone benefit from their membership at Frost Fitness.

We are both very excited to be 100% involved to grow Frost Fitness as the “only” place to train & enjoy the atmosphere of the Frost Fitness Community, also to be more involved with the local community.


I am a passionate advocate of Health, Fitness and Well Being. Throughout my 20 years of teaching, I have supported young people and adults to achieve their goals and develop skills to develop their Well Being. My interest in gym management has developed since meeting Danny. The gym is now becoming a way of life for me as I begin my fitness journey. Recently I have pursued a career in Goal Coaching; working with clients to identify goals, develop strategies to achieve them and to self-assess their own progress. Working with Danny to develop and grow our own business has been an exciting, challenging and rewarding journey, which I am excited to share with our members.


Meet Red, Alayna, Liss, Danny,Fiona, Kali, Skye and Connor. At Frost Fitness we have a team of experienced and knowledge Personal Trainers who can cater for all fitness levels. Our Personal Trainers all specialise in different areas and you will be able to choose a trainer who best fits your needs.They all run a variety of classes, challenges and individual training sessions. Book in today for a consult and have your personal trainer assigned to you so you can start your fitness journey today!


Our facility is unlike any gym you’ve been to before. We pride ourselves in not only providing an awesome training experience in a comfortable environment, but we also enjoy our Frost Fitness environment filled with like-minded people of all ages/abilities & body types, who are committed to working hard and achieving lasting results. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor. Come in for a free trial class, make some friends and get lasting results!


I’m preparing for a bodybuilding show and went up north with my little family and needed to stay on track with my training and cardio and being a few days after Christmas no gyms were answering my calls as most were unstaffed.  Danny was the only one who got back to me and let me train for a couple of days while I was up.  Awesome gym, new equipment but also some epic old school stuff too.  Super friendly guy, easy as to talk to.  100% recommend them.  I know I’ll be back every time I’m in Warkworth.

Jono Webber

Without a doubt Frost Fitness is the best gym in town.  Danny and Fiona have been amazing over the last few years.  From day one (after killing me in my first bootcamp) they have been welcoming and encouraging – treating you like family not just a number.  They listen to your needs and offer the best advise and all done with a big smile and a good laugh.  Great facilities with everything you need.  A huge variety of equipment, something to suit everybody from free weights to classes and a females only area.  During staffed hours there is always a fun, upbeat atmosphere.  The staff are friendly approachable and full of knowledge, always around to offer tips to keep you motivated.  The members are friendly and respectful of one another.  Head down and check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

Sharon Roberts

I have been working with Skye Chapman since Frost Fitness moved to Glenmore Drive. She makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding, fun and enjoyable which keeps me looking forward to our workouts.

Carol Brown

Frost fitness have a number of group fitness classes that’s what I like most about the gym. Spin and core fit are just two of my favourites.  When you attend similar classes on regular days the members became part of your gym family. The trainers are always friendly, welcoming and encouraging.  The relaxed atmosphere of members and a good selection of equipment covers all the bases to get fit and enjoy gym life.  I also like the option of the 3D scanner it’s a great way to track your progress and see your results from working out.

Ange Thomas

I’ve been regularly going to Frosts gym for more than two years.

Being mid-50’s and having a mostly sedentary career for decades doesn’t do you any favours.
I’ve found the gym and staff superb. Professional but friendly and fun. Along with the gym-going regulars it’s not hard to think of Frosts as my gym family : )
Plenty of space and equipment for everyone.
Having been a gym junkie in my 20’s I kinda do my own thing, but know good advice is there if I need it.
My primary motivation for joining a gym again was injury prevention through improved core strength and flexibilty, and that’s been mission achieved. So good not having a sore back.
Frosts Gym – love the place!

Dave Adams