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My Interest in Health & Fitness started back in the high school weight room, from there I joined my first Gym. That was it, I was hooked! From there I also competed in the Northland Powerlifting Champs placing 2nd in Northland.

I have been working out ever since, also accompanying my participation of many years in the Martial Arts community.

I have a huge passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals, & have assisted people in training in the gym, I am also a qualified Massage Therapist.

Becoming involved with GymSpot Warkworth was a natural progression in my Health & Fitness journey, I am very passionate about helping all walks of life to discover their own journey & achieve their own Health & Fitness goals, GymSpot is such an awesome community Gym with some fantastic local personalities. We both look forward to furthering our journey within the industry & become further qualified accordingly to help everyone benefit from their membership at GymSpot.

We are both very excited to be 100% involved to grow GymSpot as the “only” place to train & enjoy the atmosphere of the GymSpot Community, also to be more involved with the local community.


Our facility is unlike any gym you’ve been to before. We pride ourselves in not only providing an awesome training experience in a comfortable environment, but we also enjoy our Frost Fitness environment filled with like-minded people of all ages/abilities & body types, who are committed to working hard and achieving lasting results. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor. Come in for a free trial class, make some friends and get lasting results!


My husband and I have trained with Tracey for over four years. Tracey is professional in all aspects of personnel training, providing the full package; motivation, variation of programmes and valuable advice on exercise and diet that has made a positive impact on our lives which we will continue to live by.

We consider Tracey not just a great trainer but a friend. We wish her all the best in her new venture.

Viv & Shaun O’Shea

I started training with Tracey Frost three years ago.I was recovering from a serious brain injury and was in my third year of cognitive rehabilitation. I had gained 20kg and had stopped most activity and A.C.C agreed to me having physical rehab from Tracey. After the first year I had lost my 20kg and was moving and exercising regularly. I continued for another two years until Tracey moved to Warkworth.

I would recommend Tracey to anyone who wanted to get physical change in their lives. She changed my life. Thank you Tracey!

Geoff Blankenbyl

Tracey Frost has been my personal trainer for about two years. She always pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were (but of course she knew I could do it) – I really like the way that Tracey looked at me wholestically – not just exercise and diet. Having a woman trainer was helpful from the point of view that she understood about all the other crap in life that sometimes gets in the way of maintaining a perfect exercise routine. Exercise is now a part of my daily life thanks to Tracey.

Gemma Buchanan